“You’re singing along to the song on the radio, and I don’t know the words, but I think it’s my favorite song, because I haven’t seen you like this in a long time and it makes me realize how much I miss you”

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“I’ve come to terms with dying, it’s inevitable.
It’s living that I’m struggling with.”

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“do you know how easy it is to lie to someone who doesn’t care?”

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“the meds don’t actually work
but they make you feel better
so I still take them and smile
sorry if you can’t tell it’s forced”

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a six word story

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“I’m sick of people complaining about not having jobs but refusing to apply to McDonalds. It doesn’t make you a lesser person to flip burgers for a paycheck. If anything, it makes you a smarter, richer person.”

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“I’ll never be pretty like you, but I’ll never be ugly like you either”

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“Is it selfishness or selflessness that keeps me from killing myself, I wonder”

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“I hate loving you but only because I want to love myself”

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“I am just so fucking tired”

A six word story

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“I don’t want to be the only reason you wake up in the morning
I don’t want to be your everything”

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“My tongue is numb and my lips are heavy and I remember everything except closing my eyes”


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“you wake up mad
and I wake up tired
and we both hate looking at each other”

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“I spent a few hours looking for the right words online, maybe in a poem or song, and when I couldn’t find them, I sat down and wrote it out myself except my words don’t flow and nothing makes sense, so I took your hand in mine and said “I love you” and you smiled and it’s not beautiful but it works”

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“This is how
I lose control”

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